NEPA Process and EIS Schedule

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NEPA Process
Milestone Description Current EIS Schedule
Notice of Intent Announces an agency’s intent to prepare an EIS June 8, 2022
Public Scoping Period Public process to review and comment on the scope of the EIS including identification of potential alternatives, information, and analyses relevant to the Proposed Action, identification of environmental concerns, and issues the public would like to see addressed in the EIS. Comment Period:
June 8 - July 11, 2022
Public Scoping Meeting:
June 23, 2022
Draft EIS Presents the analysis of potential environmental impacts for each identified alternative To Be Determined
Draft EIS Public Review and Comment Period Opportunity for public review and comment on the analysis presented in the Draft EIS To Be Determined
Final EIS Includes updates to the Draft EIS and responses to public comments received during the Draft EIS comment period To Be Determined
30-Day Wait Period Agencies are generally required to wait 30 days after the Final EIS is published before making a final decision on which alternative in the EIS will be selected To Be Determined
Record of Decision Announces the formal decision on the selected alternative To Be Determined

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